Self Storage Towcester Limited Rental Agreement Summary

Agreement between Self Storage Towcester Limited, Rectory Farm, St Johns Road, Tiffield, Northants, NN12 8AA (07966 477117) and  Mr ___________________  trading as ________ __________________ of ______________________________________________________


Email:                                                                                  Tel:

Start Date:                                           Minimum Term: 3 month         Unit:

Deposit: £000.00 (the deposit payable by you as per the agreement terms)

Monthly Rate:  £000.00 (the rental amount payable by you as per the agreement terms)

Goods:  Refers to Any goods or property that you (or on your behalf) store in the unit.

I confirm that my Goods are adequately insured by a third party:_____________________

Customer Signature

This Summary Rental Agreement is subject to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions (clauses) which you should read carefully. We have listed some of the clause headings to draw your attention to things which we think may be more important to you but do not ignore the other clauses.

  1. This rental agreement does not grant you tenancy of the unit (Clause 2)
  2. Your rental payment must be paid on time (Clause 4)
  3. In the event of non-payment we may impound the Goods and we may deny access to the unit or sell the goods (Clause 6).
  4. This agreement may be terminated by us without notice if you breach the terms and either party may terminate the agreement with 30 days notice upon completion of the minimum term (Clause 24)
  5. After termination you must vacate the unit and remove all Goods. (Clause 25)
  6. You must keep the Goods insured for their full replacement value (Clause 18)
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that the unit is suitable to store your Goods (Clause 7)
  8. We are not liable for any damage to your Goods (Clause 3.1.11, 18 & 19)
  9. You are responsible for ensuring the unit is locked (Clause 22)
  10. 10.That this Rental Agreement is also subject to the site landlords Rental Agreement and Site Rules (Clause 12)
  11. 11.In the event of You loosing or breaking a key there is a £15.00 charge for a replacement (Clause 23.4)

You hereby declare:

  • that you are and will remain the owner of the Goods stored in the unit OR that you have the complete authority of the owner of those Goods to enter into this Rental Agreement and for those Goods to be subject to its terms and conditions;
  • that the stored Goods do not include any of the following items:

Combustible/flammable materials or liquids (petrol, diesel, oil, gas, cleaning solvents or paint) Compressed gasses; Chemicals, Any Goods that emit odour, smells or fumes;

Radioactive materials, TYRES BY PRIOR AGREEMENT ONLY; biological agents;  Toxic waste; asbestos  (including in suspended form) or any other potentially dangerous Goods; Any living creature;  Food/perishable Goods; Money in the form of cash or equivalent; Firearms, ammunition, weapons or explosives; Anything unlawful or illegally obtained goods.

  • that you have received a copy of the full Rental Agreement terms and conditions, have had an opportunity to read them and fully understand all clauses prior to signing this Rental Agreement Summary
  • that your signature below will be treated by us as your acceptance of the full Rental Agreement terms and conditions, do not sign if you either disagree with them or do not understand them.

We hereby declare and agree:

  • That this agreement cancels any and all previous agreements between the customer and Self Storage Towcester Limited, their predecessor Towcester Self Storage Ltd or any and all of its former owners, partners or proprietors.

__________________ _______________________

Signed by Customer Signed for and on behalf of

Self Storage Towcester Limited